Why Cover croping

Properly planned and executed, cover crops will protect farmland during this vulnerable period. Plan your cover crop species and management based on your objective(s): soil erosion, water quality, nutrient management, forage and/or soil quality. Not only is soil erosion greatly reduced, but many other benefits can be derived.

  • Cover crops will reduce or mitigate soil compaction. Deep tap roots of some cover crops grown in the fall and spring when compacted layers are relatively soft and can penetrate these layers.
  • Cover crops will reduce soil moisture deeper into soil profile by evapotranspiration resulting in better tillage and traffic conditions. Improved soil structure and stability can improve the soil’s capacity to withstand heavy farm equipment, resulting in less subsurface compaction.
  • A cover crop slows the velocity of runoff from rainfall and snowmelt, reducing soil loss due to sheet and rill erosion.
  • Over time, a cover crop regimen will increase soil organic matter, leading to improvements in soil structure, stability, and increased moisture and nutrient holding capacity for plant growth. These properties will reduce runoff through improved infiltration (movement of water through the soil surface) and percolation (movement of water through the soil profile).

What we do

  • At Buckeye Soil Solutions we are your cover crop specialist providing everything from seed sales, custom application, and consultation to provide you with timely, efficient, effective, crop on your farm
  • We at Buckeye Soil Solutions specialize in cover crop consultation, cover crop seed sales, & and custom application, using our high clearance proprietary, purpose built high clearance seeders.​
  • We custom apply cover crop seed into your standing cash crop with our Miller Nitro machine. We are setup to provide service to your farm within a 150 mile radius of Ada, Ohio which sits in-between Lima & Findlay Ohio. Call or Email us for a rate quote and scheduling.


#PartnerSpotlight History

Buckeye Soil Solutions, LLC is a family owned company started by Ryan Shanks and Mike Willeke who began a farming partnership in 1999. They later formed Scioto Valley Growers, LLC- 2,500 acres of diversified grain and vegetable farm in Northwest Ohio.

They have been using strip till and no-till since their partnership began. The implementation of cover crops was and still is a necessity to hold their muck soil in place from wind erosion. Their conservation passion led them to utilize cover crops on all acres of their farm.

Shanks and Willeke were determined to find an efficient and effective way to seed cover crops. This lead to the design and construction of a high clearance, dual purpose sprayer/seeder.

Take it from Them, Soil Health Matters

A dynamic panel of farmers and technical experts made their case on the value of protecting and improving the health of the soil during a late evening session at Ag Week 2016….